2012. október 15., hétfő

i'm cutting to a point that's new

I’ve got to get out of whatever I’m in Find a point with my way back to the beginning I’ve had it up to here with being nowhere near I’m through with making do, I’m cutting to a point that’s new.

2012. október 13., szombat

lights glow over the suburb

Lights glow over the suburb The last bus passes at 10 o'clock You said that you have no time But I'd still like to see you today Come over, call me It's yet early this evening But I know That I cannot sleep tonight Too many questions torment me Too many question and it simply won't come to my mind What has changed you so much What has changed you so much What has changed you so much What has changed you so much Do you still remember who we were? Can you still see who we are? They say you meet him this evening I plead you, don't go there

2012. szeptember 8., szombat

maybe, maybe, maybe I can share it with you

I behave I behave I behave so I can share it with you. ON my long way home on the motorway I purchased the new Foo Fighters CD. No regrets! It's really nice and this song saved me from driving in the silence.

2012. július 13., péntek

I'll never look down again

Thanks for Rekita to show me this gem,another masterpiece from OK Go! 10 times a day...that's how many times I am gonna listen to it :)

2012. július 6., péntek

Good bye Matty!

I dedicate this beautiful composition to my friend. My friend who had the clearest heart. The priest said it right, he was a gift. 26 years: this is how long people around you were lucky to have you around. Now you found peace I hope. Miss you and love you Matty!

2012. június 5., kedd

start living your dream

I really do feel delayed... but if my delay can be put in a lovely song like this I don't mind it at all! I love you, life!

2012. május 26., szombat

i never meant to hurt you

I am not saying goodbye to my baby Hathor (yes the blog you're reading now) I am just taking some time of my life....

2012. február 9., csütörtök

say it to me now.

Sure I know I should post only one song in a post but...now I'm still better than posting 7 :)