2011. február 19., szombat

fall for the weekend

However it'smore like springtime (spring, primavera, tavasz, 春, printemps, वसंत, kevät) what I am looking forward, cause that's one of my all time favorites, I still wanna talk about FALL. This word has a magical meaning and I love it from many aspects.
F(irstof)all it gives name to one of my favorite movies The fall. Also 'free falling' could be an amazing experience...how bad I have a fear of height. Fall is bringing more coldness but also gives us so many beautiful colors at the same time that we can't be mad at him.
Falling in an out of changes, love, good mood, bad mood (never!), pirate boat in the amusement park, oversize shoes, fall asleep, fall between two stools, fall in a heap, rise and fall, fall from grace, fall for... -autumn.

free fallin'...i'm a bad boy cause I don't even miss her
are you tryin' to save my soul?
girly fallin' 'Cause when I think I'm taking more than would a fool I start fallin' back in love with you...
fall with good mood
crawling into bed with me

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