2011. május 23., hétfő

the way i do.

Memories come up and I remember my lovely Bubba, I will never forget. Gone too soon, forever in my heart. It's your birthday today. We both know it's a fake one :) I remember when we surprised my bro at the Chinese restaurant, when we had sushi and sake bombs, lots of parties in the beaches, drove all the way to miami, when you had me on the roller coaster and I was so scared, the way you liked the cat and it reminded you to me. When I said au au and i got a healing kiss, even if I wasn't hurt. The roof off rides, the crazy going-homes, thai food, movies we watched together, how we ruled the dance floor. The world did not exist around when we had those special moments. I will need to collect all of this, so I can share stories with your family and friends. I miss you. Too much. Rest in peace.

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